Every two years we assess the gender balance of our industry. So our 2017 data is compared to 2015 data. Overall the gender breakdown in agencies is industry is 52% female vs 48% male. However women only make up 20% at CEO/MD/Managing Partner level.

The positive news is this has risen by 7% since 2013. However across the pond, the equivalent figure in the UK IPA/Campaign 2017 survey is 27%. The UK industry target is 40% of women at this level in agencies by 2020.

There are other gendered areas. Account management is more female, creative departments more male.

There’s a rise in agencies proving maternity leave and paternity leave: 81% of all agencies provide paid maternity leave, a 12% increase.

9% of all employees are EU (non Irish) or international. No change since 2016.

Census 2017


The higher women climb, the more imbalanced things become.

Although women make up 52% of our industry, they only represent 20% of CEO/MD/Managing Partners. In 2015 that figure was 18%, and in 2013 it was 13%, so things are (very slowly) getting better.

Breakdown by Gender

Board Representation

By Department & Nationality

Census 2017


Positive changes continue for expectant parents.

Since last year, there’s been a 12% increase in agencies paying maternity leave, and a 12% increase in agencies paying paternity leave.

Maternity Leave

Paternity Leave